Posidonia Activities

Posidonia Activities

Main activities: Music, Cinema, Visual Arts, Educational, Conferences, Responsible  & Sustainable Tourism, Eco-Fair.

Posidonia Music



National and international artists with the participation of local bands. Acoustic music and street  performances.

Posidonia Cinema


Environmental and nature related documentaries also in collaboration with environmental International Film Festivals; outdoor screenings in suggestive places with a special environmental interest.

Posidonia visual-arts

Visual Arts

Exhibitions, installations and artistic residences with international artists, oriented to sustainability and environmental awareness and with a focus on creative re-use and recycling.

Posidonia Educational


Workshops for adults and children with the aim of increasing environmental awareness and understanding the need for a change towards a sustainable future through educational playful activities carried out by experts and professionals.

Posidonia Conferences


Series of seminars and conferences by national and international experts about the themes of the Festival, treated in a participatory, inclusive and proactive way in order to find solutions for a change towards a sustainable future

Posidonia Festival Extra

Responsible & Sustainable Tourism

Specific activities related to the sea, the wind, the environment and ecology in all its forms, organized in collaboration with local professionals and operators.

Posidonia Festival Eco-Fair


An interesting and selected showcase for projects related to sustainability and ecology, with special attention to marine ecosystems. Involving NGOs, businesses, foundations, institutional organisations and innovative projects, with the presence of workshops, tastings and other activities for the public.

Target Eco-Fair

  • National / international NGOs and institutional entities related to the environment
  • Activities related to the world of responsible and sustainable tourism
  • Private companies oriented to ecology
  • Associacions for sustainable development
  • Fair of creative recycling and handcrafts
  • Fair of responsible and sustainable consume.
  • Activities organized for the public: tastings, tours, meetings, product launches, conferences, cultural surprises


Posidonia Festival Eco-Fair

Environmental commitment

The production of the event is achieved through actions towards sustainability, in line with available resources and with particular focus on innovation:

Reduction of the consumption of plastics and paper.

Using recycled materials.

Collective or electric transport

Local products –  km/0

Suppliers who work with sustainability criteria

Renewable energy and energy saving

Biodegradable plastics